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Dianne’s old site was home made and not getting much traffic. It was also not really clear on what the site was about.

We did a total revamp and boldly declared the sale of Mastectomy wear and added full eCommerce. The site looks way more appealing and has much clearer key messages.


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This time last year I put together my very first website. Myself! From there on although I was pleased with my effort I did feel that there was the expertise needed to take it to the next level.  This year, same time I asked Iona to put that much need professional touch to my website – hence – have a look and see the difference.

I am so extremely happy with the outcome and it is completely different.  It still has a personal touch but it more professional and user friendly.  PLUS the added bonus with working with someone local like Iona is that she spend an hour or just over going through a training period which is something not given when you go online and do it yourself. Very very important. I would very much recommend her, she is easy to work with and is there 24/7 for you.

Very much recommended and appreciated. Thank you Iona.


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