Havening NZ

Client Review

“Iona – Grow My Business was given the challenge of creating a new website for me on a particular aspect of my coaching business. The challenge was that the new website had to be different enough show my credibility in a certain area AND still be in alignment with my Frances Lamb branding and my other coaching site.”


“What a fantastic, outstanding job she has done aligning the two. Iona has held my hand, literally, every step of the way, and i mean, every step. Nothing has been too much trouble. In fact, I have been able to just trust and let go of the project because Iona took the time to meet with me and find out about my needs, wants and desires and then just ran with it. There were some complexities around the integration into other systems and Iona went and researched and sorted it all out. It is like the website appeared online by magic ! She took away the stress of this from me and that left me space to do my other things. If you are in the market for a website, look no further. Iona is a STAR.”


Frances Lamb