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We are a family run business with a growing team based in central Wellington. Employing locally and up-skilling our youth has always been core to our brand and values. Providing opportunity, learning and development is a huge part of who we are.

Stylised photo of Iona Elwood-Smith

Iona Elwood-Smith

Iona is the founder of Grow My Business. She brings a strategic view to the web design process ensuring all websites are customer and results-focused. With a background in business strategy and operations, she totally gets the challenges of running a business.

Stylised photo of Ben Elwood

Ben Elwood

Ben has a background in graphic design and illustration as well as web development which means he has the rare ability to design both visually and practically. An innate problem solver he’s the one that gets involved when we need clever solutions, researching new functionality or design.

Stylised photo of Jason Climo

Jason Climo

Jason came to us as a graduate of Yoobee Design School and quickly took over the management of our hosting and maintenance. A core part of the team, Jason keeps the wheels running on all the websites as well as managing all our support requests.

Stylised photo of Daniella Elwood

Daniella Elwood

A keen traveler, a coffee enthusiast & a lover of the outdoors, Daniella brings a fresh perspective to the Grow My Business team! Having worked as a freelancer for GMB the last few years alongside traveling and managing cafes, Daniella's talents lie in communications & networking.

Stylised photo of Kira Chamberlain

Kira Chamberlain

Kira is our web design support. They are our builder, putting all the blocks together and bringing the project to life.

Stylised photo of Michael Elwood-Smith

Michael Elwood-Smith

A man of many talents, Michael has a keen business sense, and has helped countless start-ups get off the ground. He currently runs Loomio, a company that helps groups make better decisions together, and tends to break up his work day by taking Lola for a walk.

Stylised photo of Lola


Easily everybody's favorite, Lola is the sweet psycho who lures you in with her pretty eyes and is cautious of strangers. She likes walks, snacks, naps and rocks.

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Where it all started...

After a fight with breast cancer and a reshuffle of priorities, Iona decided she didn't want to work for other people anymore! So she started her own business consultancy with 20+ years of experience in growing businesses and saw straight away that most small businesses had either a very bad or non-existent online presence.

Clients arrived for expert business advice and she saw straight away, that their most important business tool, their website or lack of, was really hindering their ability to grow their businesses.

They had great businesses but their online presence did not reflect this. And they had no idea where to start or what to do.

Aha thought Iona “This is where I can create the most impact and add the most value ”So that’s where building effective websites for small businesses all started. All businesses are different but what they want is the same – to reach and convert more customers.

Ben joined the team in 2019 while studying at Yoobee design school, Jason arrived in 2021, Kira joined us in 2022 and next came Daniella in 2023..

To date we have built over 250+ websites, transforming the online presence of these businesses and being part of their growth journey. What a privilege.

Iona and Ben in Wellington, New Zealand

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