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Case Study

“Sales have Increased Tremendously”

We built Jane her first website, Pick Me Flowers and Gifts nearly 3 years ago. She initially just wanted a website so there was something up if people searched her business online. We built... Read More

Grow My Business Lead Generation Website Tips

Adding Facebook Chat To Your Website

...and why you should! So last Thursday afternoon I installed FB messenger on the Petone Frameworks website and by Friday morning they had an order through it! Facebook... Read More

Grow My Business Referral Marketing

15 ways to get referrals

Have you thought about a referral program but not sure where to start? Maybe referral marketing is not a channel you have thought of but would like to know more. Referrals or... Read More

New Websites

How much does a website cost?

I would love to wave my magic wand and tell you! BUT (and there always is one) everyone's needs are different so I have listed your options to give you some food for thought... Read More

Search Engine Optmisation SEO

How to Search Engine Optimise a Product

Iona here from Grow My Business, talking to you today about how to optimize your products for SEO. Here we are at KD One, natural, organic skincare. This is the product page and I'm... Read More