How to Optimise Images for Websites


Having optimised images is very important for your website. Large images files can really impact your site speed, which in turn impacts how long people stay on your site which, impacts your website conversion.

Images need resizing and compressing. This is a very simple process that just takes a small amount of time for significantly improved results.

See how to optimise your images in the video below.

Bonus Tips:

  1. When sourcing images,  look for the right orientation portrait or landscape to start with
  2. If using several images in the same place try to get images that are the same size to cut down on a
    lot of time spent cropping to fit
  3. Banner images general sizing is 1600px wide, on page images keep on 800px – 600px or less

Image Resources:

My favourite copyright free image resources:



If you have any questions about images for websites – please get in touch! 

Iona Elwood-Smith