Top 3 'must haves' for a Trades Website

Even as a Tradie, having a website is critical for business growth these days.

'Tradie' noun

1. a tradesman/woman who is a skilled worker in a particular craft or field. A builder, painter, scaffolder, plumber etc.

First of all, if you or someone you know has their own tradie business, and you/they DON'T have a website or much of an online presence at all - then please - call us now!

Having a website is critical for business growth in this day and age. Word-of-mouth is not cutting it alone anymore. While yes this is my favourite method of recommendation - the reality is that once people hear about you - they look you up!

You need to make sure that they can find you and learn about you. A well-designed and user-friendly website can be a powerful tool to showcase your skills, attract new clients, and stay ahead of the competition. So what does your website say about you?

Clickable Phone numbers

Right, so people are on your website, they have had an easy user experience and are thinking they might want to hire you. You need to make this as easy as possible for people. People like easy.

Streamline the process for your clients, and make it easy because especially if they are using their mobile to research you - all they have to do is click one button and boom! They are in direct contact with you for a conversation. Easy.

Clear and compelling CTA's like "Call Now" or "Let's Talk" are much more likely to lead to conversions as they encourage people to take action - because it is super easy for them! Clickable phone numbers allow people to contact you quickly and conveniently while also establishing a personal connection right off the bat.

A key thing to remember - people are typically inviting you into their homes. So they want someone they feel like they can trust and be at ease around so building that trust and rapport from the beginning is essential for tradies.

Showcase Your Work

Your work speaks for itself, so make sure you let it! Give your potential customers an idea of the work you can do by showcasing the work you have done. Images are processed significantly faster than text as it grabs the attention and engages visitors much more than a block of text does. I highly recommend getting some professional images done of some of your more impressive projects. These can work absolute wonders and takes your website to the next level.

High-quality, expert images of completed jobs provide credibility and demonstrate your expertise in your field. This can build trust and confidence within potential clients and this all leads to people wanting to contact you for their next project.

Check out here how to get your images right!

A really great example of this is a website we recently did for Stackhouse & Firth Construction. The images here are the hero of the website and attract their ideal clients - townhouse developers.

Google My Business Profile

Think about when you need to hire a builder - what do you search for in Google?

  • "builders near me"
  • "wellington builder"

And then what one do you look at first? The business listing that comes up on the right, right?

With that little box, all the important information is right there! People can also call directly from your business listing which again - is super easy!

Google reviews come up here also - so people can check quickly what other people have said about your business which will impact their decision on whether to call you or not! This is why I am also encouraging clients to collect Google reviews - it really helps your business!

Check out our tutorial on how to set up your Google My Business Profile.

Bonus Tip!

By incorporating specific location keywords throughout your website, you are increasing your chances of appearing as the top business listed in your region - increasing your visibility.

Use these location keywords alongside your main service offerings and your website is set up to specifically target people in your areas seeking the services you offer leading to a higher chance of conversions.

By incorporating these 3 key things that a trades website needs your chances of business growth are much higher. A Google My Business profile will make you easily found and recognised in your local area, clickable phone numbers will make you easily contactable and high-quality examples of your work will attract more clients - strengthening your online presence overall. All leading to you establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your industry.

Overall there are many things a good, usable, working website needs, but if you are in the trades industry and you don't have a focus on these top 3 things - then get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you grow your business.

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