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Grow My Business is a Website Design Agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Our Focus is growing your business through your website. We make sure your new website looks awesome, and more importantly brings you amazing results. 

Those results mean different things for different businesses and organisations so we start with a strategy session to define what it is you want your website to achieve for you 

For example

  • generate inquires (leads)
  • make sales
  • be an online brochure
  • position you or your business as an expert in your industry
  • showcase your services
  • provide information and educate
  • get found before the competition

Generally organisations want to provide information, and businesses want more sales or leads. We work together to make sure we are meeting the needs of your site visitors so they feel they are in the right place and help them to take action, whether its to make contact, download information or buy. This is all about creating an intuitive user experience as well as providing the opportunity to connect and/or purchase.

Of course a website, no matter what the purpose, has no value if no one can find it. A big part of our strategy is around SEO (search engine optimisation) and making sure your business gets found online. Read how we make that happen here >

Who is grow my business?

Iona Elwood-Smith

I am a mother of 3 who loves dragon boating, traveling, books, movies and chocolate. My background is in business strategy, working with startups as well as global businesses.

I have built over a hundred websites in the last 3 years. My favourite part is seeing the difference they bring to peoples businesses.

I believe getting it right for your website helps you get it right throughout your business.

Our Support Crew

We are very lucky to work with some of Wellington’s finest copyrighters, graphic designers, website host providers and photographers. We are very happy to make referrals or get quotes for any addition expertise you might need

Grow My Business

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New Zealand