Don't forget to Invite to Action!

Your website isn't just to look nice- it's there to get visitors to take action!

Your website is not just there to look pretty - it's there to get site visitors to take action, whatever that looks like for your business.

Inviting action is just a nice way of saying - "make people do what you want them to on your website".

You are probably familiar with these Call To Action (CTAs), if you've spent any amount of time on the internet ever...

  • Book now
  • Contact us
  • Buy now
  • Subscribe
  • Add to cart
  • Sign Up
  • Download

These little words, often found in the form of a button are the actionable things we want people to do when they visit your website.

Know your website goals

What are your website goals? You need to know your website intent before you can lead website visitors on their pathway toward working with you.  

Are you selling a product or service? Do you want to build your database? Do you want to educate your readers? Are you establishing your authority? What is it that you want to achieve with your website?

Once you get crystal clear on your website goals, you can lead people to the action that most supports this.

Fast track/Slow track

Every page needs a primary call to action button; the obvious one that directs the customer to where you want them to go. This is the fast track.

Book Now! Buy Now! These are the buttons for the people who know what they are looking for and why they came to your website.

Others might not be ready yet, they want to think about it or need to get to know you better first. So we have a slow track option.

The slow track CTA is subtler, where the goal is to help them see that you are the person/business they want to work with. It usually takes the form of a downloadable resource and sign up to a newsletter list. This is where you can use blogs, how-to's videos and resources to show your expertise and build authority AKA show you know what you are talking about. It's all still part of your sales cycle.

Customer Pathways

Review your website. Have a look and see if you can identify what you are asking people to do - and how obvious is it?

  • Do you have too many different calls to action?
  • Do you have one clear goal per page?
  • Do you have the right calls to action in the right places?

Do you have a clear pathway for people to follow towards taking action?

Top Tip

While we think of buttons throughout the page and a newsletter sign as the usual calls to action, there are some places many people miss - and then they miss the opportunity too!

  1. On blog posts. Always Always invite action at the end of each blog. Your website visitors may have landed on your blog and have missed your offer of a chat or free download so add them to every post.
  2. FAQ pages. the perfect place to ask if there are any questions you haven't covered. Hyperlink your email address so they just need to click to ask a question

In summary, remember the focus for your website is to grow your business - help it do its job by providing easy customer pathways towards taking action towards working with or buying from you!

If you would like a review of your site and a step-by-step action plan – book in a free and personalised website audit and let’s get your website converting more sales for you!

Iona Elwood-Smith

Iona is the founder of Grow My Business. She brings a strategic view to web design ensuring all websites are customer...

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