How to create a google review link

 How to create a google review link

One of the easiest ways to get a quick win for your business is to get more Google reviews.

I am going to make the assumption you are already set up for Google My Business, if you aren’t you might want to check out this article here and find out why your business needs it and how to set it up.

Back to getting more reviews….

It can be really painful chasing clients to get a review, they want to write something awesome, they have the VERY best of intentions but life gets in the way and they just don’t get to it.

All we are going to do is generate a very simple link to send to your clients so they can write an instant review.

The beauty of sending this link is that you are making it as absolutely as easy as possible for them – they click the link and they are RIGHT where you need them to be. They don’t need to overthink it, they can just get it done. Awesome right?

Here is how to get the magic link – in less than a minute!

  1. Search your business on google and go to your GMB listing.
  2. Scroll down to where it says “get more reviews”

Grow My Business reviews

4. Click get more reviews

5. Click “copy link” on the popup

6. Test it

Ok, that’s about as easy as it gets right?

So now you have the link – share it with someone who has bought from you, or you have worked with. Be clear that this is just a sentence or two, nothing onerous and you would hugely appreciate it!

BOOM. More Google reviews.

Google reviews, in comparison to emailed reviews, are way more valuable

People searching your business immediately see social proof, in the form of reviews, as testament to how awesome it is to work with you. 

  1. Good reviews build trust
  2. Good ratings drives more traffic
  3. Reviews tell Google what your site is about

The overall objective is for Google to lift your rankings and for more people to connect with you/ buy from you. 

AND you can then copy the reviews and add them to your website for extra mileage. 

#TopTip1 – it can be quite a long link so hyperlink it in text eg If you have a few minutes I would really appreciate a review here. Or go to and get shortened link

#TopTip2 – it is a great idea to make this part of your sign-off process when completing a project. Spoiler alert – if we work together I will send you one 🙂

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