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Iona here from Grow My Business, talking to you today about how to optimize...


Iona here from Grow My Business, talking to you today about how to optimize your images for SEO.  This is a really good way to get some good SEO wins on your website.

Here we are on my homepage, this is my main image here which I’m going to make sure it’s optimized. And I already know that it’s not, because I’ve gone into my media library, on the side panel here found the image and see that I’ve got there, the exact name of when I uploaded from, which is a great resource, by the way.

So I’ve used this link and opened it up over here, I’ve dragged it on to my desktop, and I’ve renamed it, I’ve used the Rename here, and I’ve made it Website Design, Wellington. The reason I did that is that is my primary keyword for that page, my primary key phrase, shall we say, and it’s at the very top. Other images would web design or Wellington website design, and I will use different key phrases throughout the page.

Now, as well as renaming it, I needed to compress it. So I’ve compressed it here and found that it saved me 51%. That’s a huge amount of extra metadata that is in behind the image that we can just get rid of.

Now I’ve done that and downloaded it, and then I re uploaded it to my media library over here. Now I have Wellington website design. That is the title and it’s not enough.
Okay, here, this is the part that counts alternative text. If you’re on weebly or Squarespace or Wix, there will be something there, which is called ALT text. That’s the same thing we’re talking about.

Primarily, what it means is that Google cannot read images. And you have to tell Google what that image is about. Okay, so while there’s nothing on the that even remotely says website design from the image, all we’re doing is telling Google that this whole page is about website design in Wellington. So let’s make sure that we’ve got that their website design, Wellington.

Now the other thing that is great is we’ve got a description place now where we can add more descriptive content for extra googel points.

And that is now optimized for search engines. So a couple of things. Do not repeat the same thing. You can have variations, but no repetition. Just take the time. It can be a big job if you’ve got quite a few images, but you know, just do a couple of day or just do a page per day or something like that. But it really is good and strong for your website, so totally worth doing for those little wins.

So I hope that was useful. If you’ve got any questions, just comment or flick me an email. Always love to talk about websites. Thanks for watching.


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