How much does a Website cost?

BUT (and there always is one) everyone’s needs are different so I have listed...

I would love to wave my magic wand and tell you!

BUT (and there always is one) everyone’s needs are different so I have listed your options to give you some food for thought!

Questions to ask yourself

  • Are you looking for a quick fix?
  • Do you want something online as fast as possible?
  • How do you want your business to be seen online?
  • Do you want something that will grow with your business?
  • Are you clear on your Audience and what you want them to do when they visit your site?
  • Are you looking for a new website as you’ve outgrown your last one?
  • What are your long term business goals and will your choice support this?

Let’s explore YOUR options:

1. Totally FREE!

For you if: Cost is an issue, you are just starting with no Spare $$$. You are a total DIYer and are up for the challenge.  Often you are really testing your market rather than launching a new business, it’s a place to gauge level of interest without spending too much money to find out only your mum wants to buy from you

** I started here!!!

Yes there are websites that you can access and use totally for free. Weebly and Wix both offer free starter options. Just sign up and get started, they have step by step tutorials to follow.

Great: To get started and start mapping out your content
Not so great: The minute you want to add anything outside of their tight restriction such as connecting your own domain name? Yup, now it’s not free… and this happens really quickly.

2.“Free” sites with annual fee to access more functionality

For you if: You want a step up from the free site for a more professional look of linking your own domain and additional functionality. You have the spare time.

Weebly $144usd  p/a For me the easiest to use. Templates are OK and you can create something really nice quite quickly. I have built over 40 sites on Weebly

Wix $150usd  p/a My least favourite simply because you chose a theme you are locked in. Want to change it up later? Tough bikkies!

Square space $144usd  p/a If I was going down this road , SquareSpace would be my top choice just because I like the templates – always on trend and look cool

Great: Can look really professional and if your needs are for a simple site these are perfect.
Not so great: Does need a level of technical and design skills to make the website look professional and not home made. Still has many design limitations and if you want to add anything like e-commerce, online booking, online courses this gets very expensive very quickly.

3. DIY – with help!  $297

For you if:  You are starting from ground zero but are keen and motivated to give it a go – with direction. You want and have the time to build it yourself but are nervous about

  • What to put in
  • Where it should go
  • How it will look
  • If it will grow my business
  • Where to even start…

Ok then you need an Online course – oh look here is one I prepared earlier! ????????

Build a Wp Website in a WEEK

This will help you get set up with a strategy and making sure you think about the things most people DON’T think about when building a website

How to Build a Website

  • Website strategy
  • Your audience
  • Key messages
  • Design musts and must nots!
  • Layout  fundamentals
  • Website optimsation
  • What to do when your website is live?

4. Starter Site: 3 pages built on WordPress from $895+gst

For you if: You are starting a new business, you know your audience and already have business so have tested your market. You want and need an online presence, do not want to build it yourself but you don’t want to spend too much at this stage of your business.

Typical pages

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact

No optimization

Great: Get you out there lickity split! Low entry cost.  A professional small site that can grow.
Less Great: Scrimping on pages, content and optimisation often means that this site is little more than a brochure you show to contacts and connections. It doesn’t actively generate business for you.

5. Optimised starter site  3 – 6 pages from $1295+gst

For you if: You want a simple but professional website fully SEO optimized, focused on user experience and getting site visitors to take action. You had a starter site you built yourself but your business has evolved and grown and you want something that betters reflects where you are at in your business now

As above for the starter site with more pages and content to better showcase your services, encouraging sites visitors to contact and or connect. Fully optimised to get found online. Extra functionality can be easily added, this is a site that grows with your business.

Great: To launch your business in the way you want it to be seen by your audience. Shows that you invest in yourself and are confident in backing your business towards success.
Less Great: Will need extra work to add in additional content or functionality however this can be easily done by you or your developer.

6. Custom Site from $1995+gst

For you if: You know where you are in your business and what you want to achieve. You want to invest in getting the best online presence you can for your business and you recognise the value of investing in a website that grows your business.

A custom site built for you focused on your business strategy and positioned to support your business growth. An essential tool for your business where your clients find resources, information and support. Where potential clients/ customers find it easy to contact and connect with you from a website that inspires trust and motivates them to take action.

Great: You and your business are positioned for growth. If its a 2nd site, this showcases the growth of your business to your clients and positions you as an expert.
Less Great: The investment is to be considered, however the return in your business should quickly pay for this.

Other Costs: Hosting and domain names

Hosting: Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace do not need hosting; it is part of the annual fee. * it is also part of the limitation as you don’t really own the website. You have a room in their apartment block that you can’t take with you should you decide to leave…

All WordPress sites need to be hosted. WordPress itself is free but it’s like a house – you need land to put it on, so you “rent” hosting as  a place for your website to live.

I have different pricing options and recommendation from $5USD per month – $70NZD per month

Things to consider

  • Response rate
  • Accessibility
  • Easy to use
  • SSL included?
  • Is it managed or do you need to do the back ups, security and updates ( yes managed is MUCH easier…)

Domain names are usually around $30+gst

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