Who is your Website talking to?

Who is your website talking to? - This is one of the first questions I ask

Who is your website talking to?

This is one of the first questions I ask my website clients – and invariably get a deer in the headlight look!

Client – “Yum, er my customers…?”

Me –  Correct! But who are they?

Client – More confidently, “ oh everyone who wants my xxx”

Me – “hmmm”

Spoiler alert – this is the right, but wrong answer…

It’s too big and too broad an answer. If your website tries to talk to everyone and no one in particular it becomes too general, doesn’t connect with anyone very well and is overall a bit of a mediocre experience.

What we want to establish is who are your IDEAL clients. You know the ones they typically

  • See the value in what you offer
  • It fixes a problem for them
  • Cost is not a concern
  • They LOVE and advocate for your product/service

They are the customer you want more of right? Ok so does your website speak directly to THEM? Or is your website trying to talk to everyone who could be remotely interested?

Now don’t get me wrong here, we want those people too BUT we need to be focused on your ideal clients because they are the ones more likely to buy/ engage.

Let’s get your Ideal customer connecting with your website and ultimately you!

Step One:

Get clear on who your ideal customers are and why they bought your product or engaged with you.


You probably have a gut feeling about this but do your research – check you numbers, they really don’t lie!

Look back through the last year and see who your customers are.

    • Are they men or women?
    • Are they in a certain age group?
    • Where are they located?
    • Are they health and environment conscious?
    • What are typical demographics? Eg married, with kids, 50+
    • What do they have in common?

    Create a simple spreadsheet and see what they have in common to get a clear picture of your “WHO”


    Why did they buy/ engage with you?

      • What problem do they have where you are the solution?
      • What were they looking for?
      • What need brought them to you?

      Understanding WHO is buying from you and WHY they are buying from you is Website gold!

      We use this invaluable information to really connect with your ideal customer, through your website.

      Step two:

      Position your website to connect with your ideal customer

      When any of us visit a website we have 3 unconscious questions in our minds

      1. Am I in the right place?

      You can make it clear WHO you are talking to with your text, the images, and content that you use but the very easiest way is to simply call out your audience!

      Jane from Blendwellness.co.nz does this really well with her home page statement

      “Hey there Busy Mum! Transform your exhaustion into energy”

      If I’m an exhausted busy mum BOOM I’m in the right place.

      Kat from The Helpful Academy says

      Welcome to the online training hub for small businesses and entrepreneurs”

      As a  business owner I  know immediately she is talking to me!

      2. Do they have a solution to my problem?

      Make it clear what you are offering, we don’t have time or frankly the inclination, to spend too much time looking for what you should be showing and telling me ASAP.

      Have a clear statement of what you offer in terms of impact and benefits

      We help small business owners (who) to reach their business goals,(why) with a website that will become their most powerful business tool (benefit) for attracting and converting new business. (impact)

      Amanda from Amanda Nutrition has a great  impact statement that says

      Address the root causes of your symptoms and transform your health

      Angela from Halo Communications says

      “Get your Message Across”

      and supports that with her very first statement

      “Here at Halo Communications we understand the importance of getting it right. It is critical to be clear about what you want to achieve, to understand your audience and to get your message across in the most effective way.”

      3. Is this a business I want to work with or buy from?

      Introduce yourself and your business in a way that I feel like you are a person I would like to work with – that I feel confident can do a good job. Your intro isn’t in fact about you – it’s about what you can do for me.

      It can be as simple as Why work with me?

      Steph at Less Mess nailed this on her website

      Why Work with Less Mess?

      • A friendly, supportive, non-judgemental service
      • Reduce the clutter and the chaos to reclaim your space
      • Prepare your home to sell
      • Find a place for everything
      • Maximise the space in each room
      • Create better storage solutions

      Zack from ZR decorating is an award-winning Master Painter.

      He uses social proof to help his ideal clients decide to work with him.

      Great testimonials + his awards of excellence + 5 yrs master painter guarantee

      In summary

      Your website has a much higher chance of converting visitors to customers if your website knows who it’s speaking to and clearly answers the above 3 questions for them to take action and connect with or buy from you.

      If you need some help with any of the above, feel to book a chat here. If you know you need help but don’t know where to start – let’s do a site audit.

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