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So you have an awesome new website – but can anyone find it?

Launching a new website is the equivalent of putting a shop in the middle of a forest and hoping customers will just drop by…

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website which is not paid for ie organic traffic, by improving your positioning in search results relevant to your business.

Simply put SEO is the art of making sure your business organically ranks well for your key search terms AND motivates searchers to click through to your website.

It’s about getting the right visitors as well as more of them! Being relevant is key. 

Why do I need SEO?

Ok so when you search for something online – how often do you go to page 3? Yeah, me neither…

So you need to be on page 1. The higher up you rank the more likely people are to click to visit your website.

The only way that will happen without any optimisation is if you are in a very niche business with no competitors with a high demand product. Some businesses that have been around for several years with lots of website pages and content have achieved this, however I believe its generally more to do with the lack of effort by their competition that keeps them there.

What actual difference will SEO make to your business?

Remember the shop in the forest? Well you need to tell people where it is (Google My Business) and let them know you have what they are looking for (SEO), so that they can click through and see what it is you offer that will meet their needs (Awesome Website) and purchase product or engage your services! 

Can you get me to Number 1 on Page 1?

No promises! And anyone that says they can not knowing your business or keywords is telling you porky pies! (lies!!)

That number one position is always our ultimate goal but it depends on several factors such as keyword competition, keyword analysis and what time and resources you are prepared to invest in making this happen. There are generally some easy ways to achieve this for lesser keywords that still have high traffic.

If there are some larger companies holding those top spots we can look at other strategies such as making your link the more appealing to click on, writing a few highly optimised articles etc etc. 

The good news!

A lot of small businesses do not spend the time or $$ to get Search Engine Optimised – which means it can be pretty easy to beat them. Your keywords need to be relevant and realistic and you have a really good chance of getting way up there. The more highly competitive the keywords the hard to do this but there are lots of strategies in our arsenal to make this happen!


“Thank you so much for helping me out with SEO. I always get overwhelmed and sometimes been put off by the pricing of other companies. Your pricing is great for small businesses and I am glad I found you. I have already started seeing more direct visits to my store, thank you!”

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