How to Search Engine Optimise a Product

Iona here from Grow My Business, talking to you today about how to optimize...


Iona here from Grow My Business, talking to you today about how to optimize your products for SEO.

Here we are at KD One, natural, organic skincare.

This is the product page and I’m looking at one of Kareen’s top sellers, her facial moisturizer.

Click edit product.  I’m going to scroll down to after all the product details. And on this one here for Kareen, she has the All in one SEO plugin, which has put this on all her pages and all her products.

Now I’ve already added in the the SEO title and the description here. It’s all set up for you. You’ve got 60 characters here in the title and and 160 in the description.

This is what it’s going to look like when it’s displayed on the search engine.

While it’s called rich and intensive facial moisturizer, that’s not what we search. We’re going to be searching for moisturizer natural organic skincare  and it at may be relevant that it’s made in New Zealand. So they are the things that we’ve made primary.

We’ve made it for people that are searching for moisturizer, I’ve got it at the beginning, and I’ve edited the thing that people like to have  – I like that it’s natural,  I like that it’s organic. And I love that it’s made in New Zealand.

So then in the description, then we can add natural organic moisturizer made a New Zealand by KD One, scientifically tested skincare. Here you’re adding all the things that are going to make people want to click through. You are writing for Google but ultimately, you want the person who is searching to go through and click through to the product. So you’ve got to make it about what will get their interest in 160 characters.

It is scientifically tested, it’s rich and intensive and stimulates fibroblast cells. I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds good. So hopefully that will get people to click through.

You can do on every single product that you have. Now, Kareen has 72 products. So what that means that she’s got 72 opportunities to really optimize for every single product and they are all roads back to her businesses. So its absolutely worth doing.

The image here will have its alt tag which I have shown you how to do in an earlier video. And we have all the right categories going on over here. Facial products mature and dry skin. So we’ve done everything right. So now we’re going to watch and see how this gets found online.

Hopefully that shows you what you can do with all of your products. So go get them all optimized and have a good day. Bye now.

If you’ve got any questions, just comment or flick me an email. Always love to talk about websites. Thanks for watching.


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