Creating Website Content can feel like the hardest thing EVER.

When I’m working with my website clients and we get to the content stage...

The biggest challenges seem to be

Where to start

What to write

How to sound like I know what I’m talking about without putting people to sleep, sounding like a know it all or confusing the pants off of my site visitor

When I’m working with my website clients and we get to the content stage they go through a rapid succession of emotions….

  • Panic “oh no I have to write the content”
  • Fear “I don’t know what to write/ say”
  • Overwhelm “ where do I start.”

No one goes – “can’t wait to write the content, I’ll have that for you by tomorrow…”

I get it – like anything we are uncertain about what is needed from us we procrastinate and then make the job way bigger in our minds than it really is.  

Part of my job as a website designer and strategist is to take my clients through this process and make it as easy as possible.

We break it down into:

  1. Who is the content for? Do you have more than one audience?
  2. What are your key messages?
  3. What pages do you need?
  4. What content is needed for these pages?
  5. Benefits, features, reviews, images etc etc
  6. What is the customer journey you want to take your customers on?
  7. Keeping it all aligned with the business brand
  8. Optimising the content so its found online

To create content for your website you need to have a complete picture of what we need to write for who, using what tone of voice in a way that convinces them to work with you! Easy. Ok not really BUT it is just a process and easy when you know-how.

This is why working with Comms Strategist, Angela Bensemann from Halo Communications and Brand Strategist Jane Comben from Pogo Design we created a step-by-step resource to help small businesses create awesome content for their websites.


he perfect recipe for creating AWESOME web content

This is the perfect resource to take you, quite literally step by step through creating your own web content confidently. It will forever change the way you think about creating content.

Whether you are setting up a new website or need to update your existing site this is the book to make sure you get it right. Includes 6 bonus downloadable worksheets to work through.


In summary, you are not alone. Everyone finds creating website content challenging but don’t let it overwhelm you into inertia. Take it step-by-step and DO invest the time – your website is your window into your business to your clients – make sure you are making the best impression.

Iona Elwood-Smith

Iona is the founder of Grow My Business. She brings a strategic view to web design ensuring all websites are customer...

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