"Sales have Increased Tremendously"

We built Jane her first website, Pick Me Flowers and Gifts nearly 3 years ago.

How a few simple website changes immediately increased sales.

We built Jane her first website, Pick Me Flowers and Gifts nearly 3 years ago.

She initially just wanted a website so there was something up if people searched her business online. We built a really awesome website that was very visual and professional and most importantly met the brief of showcasing Jane’s business beautifully.

Last year we added a shopping cart to see how it would go. Sales through the site steadily climbed. They grew significantly this year and really changed how the website contributed to the business.

Jane is a very shrewd businesswoman, seeing this growth she wondered what more we could do!

A few things on the site were out of date and some small changes needed to be made. With the number of sales increasing we wanted to increase the VALUE of the sale so we wanted upsells and add ons.

The business is flowers and GIFTS so Jane wanted to add gift options. We added wine, chocolates and other treats as options to add to flower orders. We kept it as easy as possible so customers wanting to send an extra something could do this simply by clicking a button and it was done.

How did that work out?

Jane messaged me about the first addon sale within in 8hrs of the changes being live and hasn’t looked back.  

“Deciding to upgrade my online store was a big investment. My main focus was to include add-ons for my customer’s convenience. This has proven to be a huge success literally overnight.”
Jane Hyde

We are so happy that we were able to significantly improve the sales for Jane, as she said – literally overnight. Its shows the power of knowing your customers, and a website that is positioned to grow your business.

“Thank you to you and your team for all the patience and hard work to get our website upgraded. I’m very impressed with our new online store. Sales have increased tremendously and the add-ons go without saying, just fabulous”
Jane Hyde

How are your website sales? Do you have addons and upsell? Would you like some help with that? Let’s have a conversation.


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