Adding Facebook Chat To Your Website

So last Thursday afternoon I installed FB messenger on the Petone Frameworks...

…and why you should!

So last Thursday afternoon I installed FB messenger on the Petone Frameworks website and by Friday morning they had an order through it!

FB messenger sits on every page of your website so site visitors can get in touch and ask you direct questions without having to wait for an email response. Sometimes being there to answer questions directly can mean the difference between winning and losing a sale.

Adding FB messenger or other online chat doesn’t work for all businesses. It does work for businesses where there are several options and it makes sense to talk to someone first – like discussing picture frames with Petone Frameworks or asking about engraving options with Stella Creations.

It also works super well for another of my website clients Little Miss Cupcake Jo who answers questions and takes orders all through the day for people wanting to discuss their order details. Jo is really responsive and accommodating which wins her the business every time. She now has to shut down orders on certain days because she gets booked out with cupcake, donut (super yum!!), and cake orders.

If you are not sure if it will work for your business – just try it. You can always turn it off if it’s not bringing you any business.

I would also suggest that it offers really great market research. What things do people want to know about your product/service? If you are asked the same question several times you could add the answer to your FAQ’s or write a blog to help answer other potential clients’ questions.

We do make a lot of assumptions about what our site visitors are looking for when we start our businesses so it’s awesome that we can provide an opportunity for them to ask questions we might not have thought of or about services we don’t yet provide.

Step By Step adding FB Chat

  1. You musty have a FB Page

Add to WordPress  2:30 minutes

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Go to the Plugins menu, and click Add New.
  3. Type ‘Facebook Chat Plugin’ in the search field and click search
  4. Select the plugin by ‘Facebook’.
  5. Install it by simply clicking ‘Install Now’.
  6. Navigate to the Chat Plugin settings page
  7. Click on ‘Setup Customer Chat.’
  8. Select the Facebook Page you want to use
  9. Go through the plugin setup
  10. Customize the greeting message, colours, and response time
  11. Click ‘Finish’ to save your settings
  12. Click ‘Done’. The plugin should now be installed.

To remove the plugin, you can deactivate the plugin/uninstall it

If your website is Wix, Weebly or Squarespace just google how to add FB messenger to your platform and there are several options available. I have NOT tried any of these so can not make any recommendations

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