The 6 things your Homepage needs to Improve Website Conversion.

Your homepage will be where around 70% of your potential customers arrive!

Your homepage will be where around 70% of your potential customers arrive on your site so it’s pretty important to get it right and get that website conversion! There are 6 key things we look for to help us move forward to working with or buying from you.

Your home page should show;

1. The VALUE of what you offer:

This comes first and should be in your title – its your benefit/ impact statement

2. HOW you make it happen:

This is usually your subtitle or first headline.

3. WHY you:

This is your intro statement which is spoiler alert – NOT actually about you but about how you understand the pain points and problems your clients are facing,  where your service or product is the solution.

4. What it looks like:

Use great visuals, show me your product. Or even better, your product in action. If your product is you this still applies.

5. Social proof:

Testimonials, affiliations, in the media etc. Proof that others thought it was awesome to work with/ buy from you.

6. An easy to engage:

This is your call to action. Be clear on what you want your site visitors to do and feature it prominently throughout the page.

Sorting out these 6 key areas of your page means your ideal clients are instantly clear on the value of what you offer and why you. They like what they see and you’ve made it easy for them to take action, which is the ultimate website goal right?

Let me know how these small tweaks change your site and most importantly improve your conversion rate.

Happy to answer any questions, any time

If you would like a review of your site and a step-by-step action plan – book in a personalized website audit and let’s get your website converting more sales for you!

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