How to Increase Website Traffic

A website allows people to learn about your business, but they have to find it!

A great website converts new customers, builds your brand and grows your business - but people need to find it first!

There are a few key techniques we use to increase traffic on our own and our client's websites.

Search Engine Optimisation

At this point, I am probably sounding like a broken record! But if done properly, SEO works!

By actively including relevant keywords in your website, your business will be more identifiable to Google when potential customers search these words. The top way you'll attract organic searches! Localising your SEO is vital as well, so make sure you include your city/suburb name in your keywords.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO but you can read more about it here!

Social Media

Engage with your audience in a way that they relate to. With how saturated social media can be, you want to be offering your followers something in order to capture their attention. You can offer your expertise, personal connection, a special deal or discount on your product/services, or whatever!

The biggest pitfalls we see some businesses fall into when using social media is not being intentional with their posts or relevant to their audience. Creating content that educates, engages and connects with your target audience will help to build your brand authority and integrity. But not all at once! This is a process that takes time to build, and not every piece of content will perform amazingly - but that is okay! Just be purposeful and patient.

Use a mixture of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn to broaden your reach and generate more backlinks to your website. Social media is the most common method people these days use in order to learn more about a business quickly- so make sure you have a plan in place to lead people back to your website!

Content Marketing

One of the more subtle ways to generate website traffic is through writing blog posts related to your business. This way, when people are searching for information rather than a specific service/product, they can still be lead to your website through your posts.

Sharing your expertise, building your credibility as a reputable source and educating your readers is a really effective way for people to not only stay on your website for longer, but also come back to it in the future. I know this can seem overwhelming and creating content can feel like the hardest thing ever! But trust me on this! 

Blog posts can be easily shared on social media platforms (especially Facebook and Pinterest) by both you and your followers, which again leads people back to your website! Alternatively, you can chop up longer blog posts for shorter social media posts. Repurposing and restructuring content can save you time and brain power in the long run!

If you are regularly creating relevant and interesting content for your website, again, its rankings on Google will improve and in turn lead to more traffic!

While you might not feel like a writer and writing blogs can feel daunting, don't worry! We wrote a blog on that which might help! Learn how-to here!


In order to attract people to your website, you need to actively invite, encourage and incentivise them and what better way than sending that right into their inbox!

Sending out a newsletter is a really easy, genuine way you can connect with your clients/customers as the personalised nature of newsletters makes you that much more approachable.

Low risk - high reward!

These are the key ways that we have found in order to increase traffic to your website! If you are still a bit confused or don't know how to implement any of these key ways, then talk to us today! 

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