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Clear Your WP Rocket cache

What is website cache?

Sometimes in WordPress and websites in general you might make changes and it is not showing up on the front end, very confusing but 9/10 there is a very simple solution.

There is this background process always operating called Caching. Caching is a process that happens in the backend of your website that makes a 'static' copy of your website and compresses it making the load times quicker. The reason you cannot see changes or not all of them would be the expire time of this cache which can be from minutes to days.

On our Grow My Business made websites there is a simple solution that is always available to admins to flush this cache as follows:

Step 1: Finding WP Rocket

The first step is to be logged into your website, if you dont know how to log into your WordPress site click here for our tutorial.

Once we are logged into WordPress we will be in our admin dashboard, the area we want to focus on and is also on the front end is the top admin bar as you can see here:

(Yours may look different)

Step 2: Clearing the WP Rocket Cache

Using the top sidebar we can see the text "WP Rocket", hovering over that we will get this menu, once again the options here might be slightly different depending on your website and its needs:

The main one here is "Clear Cache" but if you have any of the other ones in the screenshot you can click those too if just clearing the cache doesn't have the result you want.


There you go, a simple two step process with some knowledge hopefully learnt about your website. If this short tutorial did not help your issue on your website or you have more questions please continue to read our other resources or contact us,

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